COVID Response

For the last month Canhost enacted our BCP (Business Continuity Plan) this has provisioned seamlessly. All staff is available and working remote. Data Center access as always is escort only and requires scheduling. In response to increased client website traffic, and the importance of the information presented to customers, congregations, and ... Read More »

3rd Apr 2020
Canhost Recursor Server Updates

We have upgraded our internal recursive servers. These servers now support DoT or DNS over TLS for your privacy. The url to use  DNS over TLS is For information on DNS over TLS please see this wikipidia article for normal DNS requests ip remains the same. Canhost ... Read More »

28th Jan 2020
Enable Two Factor Authentication For Your Account

 Following steps demonstrate how Clients/Users can setup Two-Factor Authentication on their Canhost account using the Time Based Tokens service. From the Client Area, being by navigating to Contact Name at the lower right > Security Settings Click on the Click here to Enable button Select the Time Based Tokens service Click on the Get ... Read More »

22nd Oct 2019
Cira Maintenance

Just letting everyone know that cira is upgrading to their new platform today (Feb 5th 2019). As a result all .ca domain changes and registrations will be down until approx 2PM PST. We appreciate your patience while we wait for cira to finish the upgrade. 

- Support Team

5th Feb 2019