Why Use Canhost Canadian Services

Canhost represents Quality, Value, and Solid Support. Corporate stability, Canhost has operated as a Federal Canadian Corporation for over 18 years.

Canadian Content

An Alarming number of Canadian hosting companies, and ISP’s have outsourced or sold there web hosting clients to US and abroad interests without notifying their clients. Another trend in the industry is to outsource mail services, and or additional product offerings without disclosure. As a Canadian business or persons who collect citizens personal information in Canada we are bound by Federal and Provincial Privacy Acts.

Other countries contradict the Canadian Laws such as the American Patriot Act preventing Canadians from knowing how the data is being accesses of there clients or members abroad. Canhost takes pride on internally hosting all services from our facilities.

Canadian Facilities

Canhost located in Kelowna, British Columbia, was designed and constructed from the ground up as a secure high availability electronic data storage facility. Canhost utilizes isolated transformers, fire guard construction, and cheap, green BC hydro electric power, boasting some of the best utility rates in North America. The complex, including company offices, is protected by UPS systems, generators, and advanced fire detection and suppression systems. It is also secured using video surveillance and security staffing with a secure loading bay.

Kelowna has been identified as an ideal location for electronic data storage and Web Hosting in Canada. It is surrounded by mountains, 1000 ft. above sea level, in a geologically stable area. Kelowna has little to no risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods, or major storm systems.


Canhost monitors computer hardware, OS, bandwidth, and power to insure all operate as intended. Our support team is dedicated to providing the solution you require. Because Canhost operates its own facilities, we do not rely on third parties to repair or troubleshoot errors that may occur. Canhost manages its own IP space, BGB, Routers, DNS, Firewalls and servers. Canhost provides live chat, telephone, and ticket message support. Network administrators are encouraged to add our RSS feed and twitter account for real-time monitoring.

No Outsourcing

Canhost Canadian services are delivered “in-house”. An alarming number of service providers are outsourcing services without the end user’s knowledge. The major ISP’s in Canada use an American firm to provide email and hosting solutions. Canhost services are provided, maintained and delivered by our staff from our Canadian Facilities. Canhost also provides its clients with multiple routes to protect against upstream interruptions and enable faster access from Canadian fiber carriers. Our partnerships with Internet providers guarantee minimum network latencies.


From Cisco routing equipment, to cutting-edge Intel motherboards and processors, Kingston RAM and large 1TB+ drives, Canhost offers you more for your money.

Redundant UPS & Generators

In the event of a power failure, Liebert’s NPower UPS supply (S+S) redundancy, provides ample time for stand-by generators to come online. With (S+S) redundancy, nothing short of a complete catastrophic system-wide failure could render a server offline.
Canhost has a dedicated 1 MW power feed, upgradable to 3 MW on demand, guaranteeing ample power. In addition, Cummins Power dedicated natural gas generators which are tested weekly, can provide emergency power in the event of main power interruption. Unlike other data centres located in shared facilities, Canhost’s natural gas generators are not a shared resource. The Canhost facility has been built with redundant capacity. Like the rest of the facility’s infrastructure, there is ample electrical generating capacity in the event of a major power failure.


Access to the Canhost data centre is strictly controlled by multi-layered electronic security and on-site personnel. Canhost utilizes video surveillance as well as motion and breach alarms. For further insight to security protocols contact a sales executive.

Fire Prevention

Unlike most other providers facilities, there is no water sprinkler systems located in the Canhost facility; no plumbing is installed above or within the data storage area. Canhost’s dedicated Fire Monitoring and Alarm System will automatically detect and signal the presence of smoke or fire, alerting staff and local fire officials.


Canhost uses top-of-the-line hardware, including Intel & AMD processors, as well as multi-homed bandwidth. We provide what you need to grow and be successful. From registering your domain name to publishing applications, we provide high availability secure routed email, DNS management and IT services provided internally without outsourcing.