Reseller Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting is the easiest and most cost effective way to start a web hosting business, or to add value to an existing business with web hosting. Many web design companies user Reseller Web Hosting to add value to their business by bundling the hosting with their site creation.

Let’s make some money!

With Reseller Web Hosting you get virtually no limitations; and lots of extra hosting features. Reseller Web Hosting is a great place to start, our solution lets you fully brand all aspects of the service; to seamlessly integrate with your existing Brand and Marketing efforts.

Our reseller hosting uses WHM/cPanel as the underlying software which is very familiar to end users; as such little support should be needed for your customers to manage their websites. With our Reseller accounts, you are not limited by the number of accounts you can create.

The only limitations are the disk space and bandwidth that are allocated to your account, most of our resellers can easily host 50+ sites on our lowest tier reseller account. Our php and mysql setup are both very open while at the same time hardened to help prevent Cross Site Scripting attacks as well as DDoS and bruteforce login attempts. All our servers are doubly secured by both a hardware based Fortigate Firewall as well as locally with CSF/LFD (a software firewall). These two Firewalls allow us to prevent 99% of all attacks against our systems; which means less worrying about uptime and security for you. All our reseller accounts come with 2 Dedicated IP address (one configured as a shared IP for most of your hosting clients) this allows you to configure custom private name servers with 2 ip address (most resellers only provide 1 ip address and this can be a major point of failure); additional IP addresses are available for $1 per IP per month.

Canadian Hosting Solutions
Reseller 30
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